How to connect

There are alot of software and hardware which support SIP protocol. For most SIP devices, there are only six fields which must be entered in order for the SIP device to connect to lines. Those fields are:

  • SIP Address or ( Address, Address of Record, AoR )
  • Username or ( User, Phone Number, User ID )
  • Auth Username or ( Authorization Username, Auth User ID )
  • Domain or ( Proxy )
  • SIP Password or ( Password, Auth Password, Secret )
  • Outbound Proxy or ( Proxy, Registerar Server, SIP Server )

After registration of a premium SIP number, you will get connection details. For instance:

Address of Record: [YOUR SIP NUMBER]@naspar.netUsername: [YOUR SIP NUMBER]
Auth Username: [YOUR SIP NUMBER]
Domain: naspar.netSIP Password: [YOUR SIP SECRET]
Outbound Proxy:

Also there are several more optional fields which we strongly recommend you to use them to make a secure connection. Such as:

  • Transport : It has to set to "TLS" mode.
  • Media encryption : It has to set to "SRTP" mode.

SIP Softphones

Software Development Kit (SDK)